Is greater exposure for your practice important to you?   What about getting higher rankings on Google searches and attracting new patients? Or how about patient engagement?

Of course, they are!  Fortunately for you, all of these can be implemented with a video marketing content plan.

Map out the content that you would like to include, who it is directed at and what information will be most compelling to bring in new clients.

Getting Patients Involved

Patient portals are good but the secret sauce to video marketing is its ability to grab the attention of those viewing it.  Check out these statistics:

  • Inserting videos into your email marketing increases click-through rates by more than 96%
  • Internet traffic will explode from 30% to 90% by the end of this year according to Cisco
  • Site visitors watching the video are 64% more apt to want your services

Your video marketing content plant enables you to:

  • Design the message you want to spread to your potential patients
  • Mass produce it within a confined budget
  • Monitor its efficacy for increased traffic and view rates
  • Track and analyze success so that content and strategy can be modified to improve results

Google and Bing, along with other search engines rank websites higher when video is incorporated can i buy ventolin at asda onto the top of the page.

According to Forrester Research, just placing video at the top of your page increases the chance of landing on the front page of a Google search by 53 times!  What’s more, the quality of the video is not considered in increasing the ranking.  It can be done simply with the video camera from your iPhone or iPad and then inserted onto your website.  It’s as simple as that!

Having a video enables you to give new patients a tour of your office and explain what they can expect in a visit, allows them to bond with you and eases the apprehension that patients feel.

Videos also allow you to present case studies (of your successes without revealing any names to abide by HIPPA), new ways that you function or how you differ from other health providers in your field.

Waiting to implement a video marketing content plan, allows your colleagues and competitors to get there first!  You will be missing out on a great addition to your medical marketing arsenal!

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