A study performed by the National Institute of Health showed an increasing patient number seeking alternative medicine. Though claims made by complementary and alternative healthcare providers tout their benefits, many claims have not been substantiated as yet.

The study suggested that “Americans seek alternative therapies (including acupuncture, chiropractics and massage) when access to conventional care has been restricted according to researchers.


Explanations for the rise in seeking complementary medicine (CAMS) or alternative care include:
  • Awareness of therapies available
  • Licensure of alternative therapies by states
  • Cost is less than conventional care

I suggest that there are three very valid different reasons that people are seeking alternative care therapies.


  1. The first is that the government ( and specifically the IRS) do not have access to your personal information and therapy (since practitioners of alternative therapy are not mandated to have EMRs) the way that traditional physicians do
  2. The government or bureaucracy does not have a say in the ideal treatment options
  3. These practitioners can spend more time and give more personalized care.

If you are using the care of any number of alternative therapies by nontraditional healthcare providers (and especially if you are not using insurance), then you are totally flying under the radar.

This low profile may be where you would like to dwell.