Perhaps you are saying that you’re already on the top social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) already  so you don’t need any more.   “Why should you care about Pinterest?”

This is a good question and an even more important answer for you.  Pinterest is now becoming the top third site that your patients and prospective clients are participating in.  That is where you can find them and more importantly, where they would find you if you are active on the site.

Reasons to Join Pinterest for your Health Messages

  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social sharing network
  • It’s the most viral to date
  • You are getting targeted traffic back to you…traffic that goes to your site, your landing pages and your opt-in forms
  • Third most popular social share network
  • Pins viewed for months (unlike a week or so with Twitter)
  • Comments get more likes and repins
  • Has 10 million unique visitors per month, buy a ventolin inhaler faster than any other social site in history

If your specialty is geared toward females or children, you have a built-in audience.  Half of Pinterest users have children and the majority of users are currently women.

Capture Leads by providing an incentive.

Offering gifts gets people to click on your pins and refer back to your website.  Enticing “gifts” include:

  • Special report or guide
  • White paper
  • Tip Sheet
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Free membership site
  • FAQ sheet on topic your viewers are interested in

Creating Health Boards 

  • Download images from your website
  • Give  medical advice with bulletins
  • View pins that your viewers like and provide information along these lines
  • Insert a URL on the bottom to a page you would like traffic to go to.

3 Main rules to Remember

1) Develop a relationship with your viewers

2) Provide enticing offers

3) Show interest or repin information from your viewers as well.

If you need help with your health boards on Pinterest, shoot me an email at: