A survey performed by Medscape, was circulated amongst 1700 medical residents across the U.S.A. Analysis and results of this question from the survey reflects what doctors think about telehealth.

While many doctors currently in practice are not enthusiastic about patient visits without actually examining them, results from many surveys show that patients like the convenience of having remote consultations with their doctor without having to leave their homes.

Parameters included videoconferencing, phone conversations and consultations by email.

The latest results reflect how our current medical residents feel about using technology in medicine and patient consultations via telehealth.

More than 2/3 of our residents favor videoconferencing, 63% would discuss patient issues by phone and more than half feel comfortable with emails.

As a patient, are you interested in getting virtual consultations or do you feel that you would be better served by seeing a physician in person and getting an indepth real examination?

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