Have you ever considered being a publisher or writing your own magazine?

Check out ISSUU.  Their tag line is “Enriching lives throughmeaningful content” where their mission is to “connect content to people”.

ISSUU enables anyone with digital content the opportunity to upload and distribute their publications globally, in just minutes and with no frequency restrictions.

When published, your material is available to readers everywhere as they engage in their interests, on any device and in a professional magazine-like format.

More than 20,000 publications are uploaded daily, rom newspapers and catalogs to corporate literature or magazines.

ISSUU hosts magazines from 2.5 million publishers from WSJ, CNBC, Blumberg Business to smaller businesses…like yours!
They have resources and guides that you can browse through.
There are blog posts and social channels.
This is a great opportunity for you and their support team is top-notch! There is a free version but for those who select premium, access is given to powerful issue features like advanced analytics, the ability to embed a customized reader, blogs for even greater exposure and social tools. They also provide customizations.

News sharing.

Consider publishing news about your product launches, new services or procedures and company announcements. Upload your document to ISSUU and publish it to the world.


There are many helpful sources which ISSUU provides for free:

Digital-Publisher Toolkit- information that supplies you with everything you need to enter the digital publishing world as easy as  possible, starting with the basics, then transitioning into issues like how to engage your readers and monetizing your digital magazine/newspaper.
Their tips include:

Be Real

Identify what makes you better than all other publications and maintain that.  Don’t be a “me-too” magazine.  Just be you. (ever hear that you should be you because everyone else is taken?) You will attract viewers that are interested in you and your information.


Decide on the colors and font that represents you and keep with that so you are identifiable.  Maintain your writing style or point of view.

Be consistent

Staying with the same tone and voice is crucial to building an audience.  You don’t want readers to get frustrated or guess what side of the issues you now stand on.

Add tools

Insert engaging videos from  YouTube or Vimeo to attract new viewers, to keep viewers engaged and to stand out as a brand.

Student Guide to Digital PublishingDiscover useful information from editorial calendars to censorship parameters in this guide .

Small Business Catalog Templates

Using the templates enables your publication to be presented in a clean, professional and attractive manner. By using their templates, you are able to utilize an easy drag-and-drop process.

 9 tips

This provides strategy on making holiday guides, small business catalogs or product books.

Check out the page flip animation

Read anything on issuu on any device and take a close look at how the Page moves when you flip them regardless of which device you are reading your publication on. With touch-screen devices, the page follows your finger no matter what direction you drag.  If you look closely on the images or text while flipping a page, you will see the 3D bending of the page being flipped.


Read Everywhere

Regardless of device or web browser, reading is easy and attractive.This great issuu reading experience works no matter what device you’re on.

See for yourself. Go explore the latest content on issuu