1.Have all the best intentions but feel that you will peter out in a few days?  Don’t start unless you can provide consistency. Your followers will lose interest if the blogging is rare or haphazard.  Very few people can keep up the pace month after month,  having something original to say, something worth saying, so consider having guest blogs on your site from those who share similar points of view.

2. Think first about strategy: what do you hope to achieve with this blog? Focus sharply. Explain your angle or topic in your tagline or description. If keywords are located in your title, search engines will know what you are all about and trying to convey.

3. Follow buy inhaler boots your organization’s guidelines — or create them!

4. Focus every blog post on a single topic: it’s not a newsletter.
5. Be useful

6. Ask your blogging buddy to check each post, and stop you from being too personal, leaking company secrets
or breaking the law.

7. Use plain English and a conversational style.

8. Link to others and give them credit for ideas.

9. Repurpose your blogs. A collection of them will make a very useful e-book.  One or two popular blogs can be used for each newsletter that is sent out to keep your patients or clients aware of the latest news.

Comment below on how blogging has helped your site.  Sign up on the top left for participation in our blogging family.