Because medicine has swung to more patient centric care, it is up to each of us to take a more active role in our own healthcare.

The thing is, not everyone is has the where with all to achieve this, either through lack of knowledge, understanding or fear.  No worries- help is here. Now, apps or applications which are downloaded and incorporated into our technological systems, can  help both patients and their doctors collaborate on their medical care. The first two that we will highlight helps monitor specific conditions or problems while the third helps guide us.

3 Apps Geared to Help You, The Patient and Consumer

1) Mango Health

With this app, individuals can monitor drug usage.  The benefit is in setting up dosage schedules and receiving alerts when the time approaches through alarm tones with their smart devices using iOS, or banner push notifications. An additional benefit is notifications of harmful drug combinations or conflicts between certain supplements and medications so that taking the drugs does not cause bodily harm.

2) Asthmapolis

This application works in tandem with a sensor placed on inhalers which sends data to mobile phones for monitor enhancement of asthma symptoms. Physicians and respiratory therapists can then have a better handle on the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks so that proper management and appropriate treatment can be tailored to the specific individual. The great benefit of this is getting personalized and needed care, not just typical protocols geared to the average person that then needs constant adjustments until the best dosage, schedules  and levels of medications are reached.

3) Pokitdok

Named for the image of having a “doc in your pocket”, this app. permits the public to comparison shop for their healthcare.  The app is downloaded and used on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Find out:


  • doctors in your area
  • ratings
  • pricing

Health services-

  • Information available within the service
  • Doctors and healthcare providers within the service
  • Pricing
  • Location

Physicians and other healthcare providers fill out their profile, professional background and services they offer as well as hospital affiliations and office details like staff, location and office hours to enable the patient’s search to be the most effective.(which also improves the reach of these physicians to a wider audience and attract more perspective patients)

Let us know which apps you have downloaded and tried in the comment box below.  Have you been happy with any specific apps?  Share your experiences with us.