Everyday should be one where we show and express our gratitude but somehow this does not always occur.  We have obstacles and challenges that we have to overcome and in our struggles, we don’t always remember the shoulders of the great people we stood on (figuratively) to get there.  We think that our friends and loved ones somehow know how we feel and that they don’t need to continually hear our feelings and thoughts expressed.

How wrong we are!

Is there someone out there who says “please generic name for ventolin in australia don’t thank me” or “please don’t tell me how my actions helped you succeed”?  Is there someone who feels that they don’t want to hear that they are “great”?  I think not!!  Is there someone who doesn’t want us to wish them well or have a speedy recovery?

So, in honor of Thanksgiving, thank you to all my friends, mentors, colleagues and loved ones!  It is much appreciated and I get the “Warm Fuzzies” thinking of you!

Have a happy and healthy holiday!

With warm thoughts of you,


The Medical Strategist