A national survey of greater than 7000 American doctors demonstrated that there is a very high level of burnout- even more than workers in any other profession or trade.

Symptoms of burnout that doctors suffer from as seen from the survey include:

  • Depersonalization (29%)
  • High level of emotional exhaustion (37.9%)
  • Low feeling of personal accomplishment (12.4%)

According to Tait D. Shanafelt, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota:

“Policy makers and healthcare organizations must address the problem of physician burnout for the sake of physicians and their patients”.

Perhaps this ventolin nebules generic name stems from increased liability, decreased reimbursements and the new crackdown on penalties for doctors not yet using meaningful use aspects of electronic health record systems along with patient dissatisfaction.

This study shows that while people will walk a mile over hot coals when they are really appreciated and told so,  depression and a sense of “why bother?” takes hold when not appreciated.

Rodney Dangerfield voiced this correctly when he stated “I don’t get no respect”!

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