A study entitled “Health Online 2013” done by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, sought to answer the question “What Percentage of Adult Internet Users have consulted or posted online health reviews?”

The report is based on survey responses from a nationally representative sample of 2,392 U.S. adults who use the Internet. The survey was conducted by landline telephone and mobile phone between Aug. 7, 2012, and Sept. 6, 2012.

Results are based on replies to a survey from a sample of 2392 American adults using online sites from August 7, 2012 to September 6, 2012 by phone.  They reveal that eighteen percent of American adults using the internet have consulted web reviews for medical treatments or drugs.  An additional three percent posted reviews online for treatments and drugs with four percent posting reviews of healthcare providers.

Healthcare facilities were reviewed online by 14% of adult web users and 3% have posted online reviews of them.





Rating or Viewing other people’s opinions about healthcare providers and facilities is becoming more popular.

Sites to rate doctors include:

  • www.vitals.com
  • www.healthgrades.com
  • www.RateMDs.com

As in checking with Consumer Digest prior to getting goods and services, it might be very helpful to find out what you may expect when consulting for your health the first time.

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