Apple HealthKit- Beyond Just Fitness
Apple has been consulting with both Nike and the Mayo Clinic along with healthcare providers to develop HealthKit, a central platform for information about your health.
The HealthKit, now called Health, extends way beyond merely reporting your fitness.  You can also view:

*Laboratory test reports
*Store Diagnoses
*Medical Exams
Apps can share data with your family doctor in addition to calories consumed or burned (i.e. blood pressure, EKGs)

Integrating 3rd party apps, Health provides an easy-to-read dashboard making both fitness and health data viewed and easily accessible.  One tap on the screen brings everything up.

Help in Emergencies

Generating an emergency card with this program is easy.  Record essential information like chronic illness, medications, allergies and blood type.  This can be accessed by caregivers, emergency room personnel and EMTs to ensure you are properly cared for.

All of this will be accessible from your wrist as well!

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