Ever feel that your savvy advice or topical discussions on Twitter (great as it might seem to you) were  falling on deaf ears?
As a healer or a health speaker, therapist or health provider, it is very helpful to see what compels people to connect with you in your Twitter world.
Trying to figure out what it is that connects you to your audience or your audience to you?

Now there IS a way to find this out.

Twitter has made your archives of previous tweets available to you. By clicking into the archive and examining it, you can tell when there was a spike in readers, from comments to referrals and leads. Assessing the quality of engagement by evaluating historical stats can give you a great insight into the content that resonated best with your fans, audience and twibe.  Was there a specific topic that your audience responded to? Was there a touching story, a survey or special offer that peaked participation? Which topics garnished more retweets?

As we head toward the New Year, analyzing what worked, and what didn’t over the last year will help us improve our marketing strategy and keep us from just spinning our wheels.

Here’s hoping for a successful New Year!

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