When sending out your information, whether digitally or by hard copy, if you think that you can add all your patients  to your Ezine or newsletter list without their consent, think again!

Sending your electronic newsletters to “subscribers” who did not opt-in, is inviting those who did not request your Ezine to hit the delete button without ever opening the newsletter.  Worse yet, you can be shut down by your host server due to the scores of spam complaints.

Opt-In Process

Opting-in is like raising your hand and saying, I want this; I want to participateRegardless of whether you signed readers up or they signed up themselves, an opt-in process will ensure that the readers want to be there.   When they have enrolled as subscribers, a confirmation is requested and when approved, you have them.

4 Benefits to Having an Opt-In Subscription

Adopting an opt-in process for your newsletters have several advantages:

  1. Improve deliverability– your site will be whitelisted, ensuring that your delivery gets passed the spam filters.  Your readers will look forward to opening up your regular newsletters and interested in what you have to say.
  2. New Leads (prospective clients) will be genuine people more than likely and not made up names with fake email addresses.
  3. Save Money- newsletters going out in the mail to the wrong address means throwing money out and increasing your expenses with no benefit.  Ezines sent to “fake lists” cost you in terms of wasted time and marketing.
  4. Separates the Real leads from the tire-kickers– By getting the prospective subscribers to go through the opt-in process, you can distinguish those who are truly interested, as opposed to those who are curious and just want to see your work on impulse

Your Valued Gift

Sure, your message has value, but unless your target market knows this, you will have no one interested in subscribing to your newsletter or Ezine.

Figure out what your market is interested in and provide it.  Give a gift or an incentive, which is valued and considered helpful or beneficial.

Some gifts, also known as bonuses or premiums may be:

  • Free Ebook or chapter of a book that you are promoting
  • Whitepaper, guide, tip sheet, Frequent Questions and Answers sheet
  • Free evaluation or consultation
  • Trial membership in an ongoing service

Part of your opt-in process will consist of having prospective clients provide their email addresses to receive the bonuses they want.

Offer an Ezine or newsletter that has been circulated before so that a prospective reader can get a feel for your “voice”.

Most importantly, make sure that the Ezine or newsletter delivers quality and helpful information every time the new one is issued.

This will turn your information into desired material that people look forward to with each delivery.


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