The extent of  health content craved by your patients and the public is like a snowball going downhill.  Maybe it was the size of your fist when you started, but it is turning into a boulder as time goes on! Whether it is a curiosity, fascination or a compelling need to know information for health maintenance, there is currently an intense focus on gleaning data, medical breakthroughs and health news.
With everyone scouring the internet for information, why couldn’t it come from you?  It is a great opportunity to inform, support and engage your patients while attracting prospective patients. Providing solutions to problems that patients are struggling with enables you to reach your market.  Unlike traditional advertising, which people have become adept at deleting, people look forward to your information, whether it is through blog posts, podcasts or newsletters. You build an audience while strengthening your brand. Implement a strategy ( and schedule) that cross over several channels including the social media platforms that your patients can be found using.

More than relying on a website alone, posting across several channels gives more visibility.

5 Content Media channels

  1. Videos

Dissemination of health information lends itself well to videos.  Short videos are effective with a whole range of topics that you deal with in your medical practice like:

  •  Explanation of the indications for specific treatments
  • how medical devices work
  • Symptoms to look for in various medical conditions
  • Introduction of practice staff
  • And much more that reflects what you provide your patients in your practice

Consider a YouTube channel or Vimeo.

2. Distribution Feeds

Spread your posts further with RSS feeds, LinkedIn, Twitter and Ezines or digital newsletters

3. Guest Blogs

Appearing on sites that have a large audience allows you increased visibility from viewers that might not have known about you but will then come to your site looking for what else you are sharing if your message is strong and your writing is both interesting and relevant.

4. Sponsored Links

Companies like Taboola and Outbrain meld sponsored links into publisher content.  Like the suggestions that Amazon gives, these sites offer a “you May Like” or “Around the Web” to entice viewers interested in specific topics to click on your information to read more.

5. Article Publishing

Online or offline article publishing increases visibility through use of the “byline”  In this credit box, you can put your name and a link back to whatever site that you would like to direct the reader to.

Consider offering tips on how to better achieve good health.  Think of the typical questions that are asked in a set time by your patients and come up with a fact sheet that provides answers to these questions. Supply information that patients value, find relevant,  and need.  Be available to answer questions and educate your patients about topics and services that you are involved in.

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