Thinking outside the box applies to functionality of everyday products.  Can you think of other uses for the bottles that you find in your kitchen and bathroom?

Here are a few.

Hair conditioner- can be used when shaving.  The skin will be smoother and lotion will not need to be applied after.

Mouthwash with alcohol in it can be applied to the skin surface.  It facilitates healing and makes bruises dissipate in just a few days instead of several weeks.

Deodorant applied to vulnerable feet  surfaces helps prevent blisters when wearing new shoes

Shaving cream applied facially removes makeup.

Coconut oil- smooths out hair, removing frizz, moisturizes skin, removes makeup.

Flat iron used to straighten hair will also remove wrinkles in clothes- great to use when traveling.

What helpful tips can you share with us?  Comment in the box below.