Motherhood is not just what happens when one has children.  One can be a mother to the earth and the beauty all around us.  Motherhood is a state of mind.
Happy Mother’s Day to my children, for without them, I would never have known the expansive love of being a human as well as a mother.  They have truly taught me what love is and for this I am grateful.
I have bittersweet tears for my Mother whom I loved and feel so much gratitude for.  If only I told her this more often, but somehow I think she knew.
Children wistfully say they wish that their parents told them how proud they were of them more often.  How often do children say that ” I am proud of you” to their parents.
So, Mom and Dad, maybe it is too late but I am so very proud of you.
In honor of this day, I am enclosing some quotes that have been passed around in honor of Mother’s day.