As we discussed in yesterday’s blog post, an effective subject line is the key to getting your emails opened and your message spread.

But, how do you know what makes a subject line effective?

Well, you are in luck!

Alchemy Worx just launched Touchstone, a new subject line scoring tool. This free tool enables you to
test the performance and delivery of the subject line of your email before you send it out.

Before this, the only option you had was the  A/B subject line split-testing which could be tedious as you tweaked the line by changing one word at a time.  Now, you can simply go to:

By typing in your subject line, you can get instant results for both click and delivery rates.  Not only that, they enable you to compare your subject line to 21 billion emails along with trends occurring in your niche or industry.

Although it is virtual, it delivers real results and the best part is while accurate, the setup is super easy and takes only 30 seconds!  Touchstone has a proprietary algorithm that can predict impressions of your subject line text  to your subscriber base.  It claims to predict performance to “within 1-2% actual open rates”.

Best Subject Line Words

According to Touchstone research, the 3 words generating the biggest open rate lift:

  • “Jokes” increases opens 117% above average
  • “Promotional” increases opens 70% above average
  • “Congratulations” increases opens 68% above average

Worst Subject Line Words

  • “Suburbs” decreased open rates to 50% below average
  • “Inland” decreased open rates to 49% below average
  • “County” decreased open rates to 39% below average

Word Comparisons

Touchstone further reports certain selling words used in offer emails can increase open rates                             while others can decrease them.

Take a look at the following when choosing your words:

  • Sales  – opens rate up 4% vs. Sale – open rate down -2%
  • Buy – open rate up 2% vs. Unlimited – open rate down -8%
  • Price(s) – open rate steady vs. Budget – open rate down -15%
  • Low – open rate steady vs. Half – open rate down -27%

“Urgency” still motivates readers

If you are offering a promotion for a limited time, insert this into the subject line. Let them feel that sense of urgency that they will miss out unless they open your email and act right now.

Consider the following words that convey a sense of urgency:

  •  Don’t Miss Out
  • Last Chance
  • Ends Today
  • Only a few hours left
  • Final Day
  • 1 Day Only

Simple little tweaks can be very significant when it comes to crafting your emails and subject lines. You can see the proof of that by entering your subject line in Touchstone.

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