One in every 5 American doctors now engage with their patients by having people submit key health measurements electronically. Doctors are taking a proactive stance by having patients send in these measurements for health monitoring by email or text according to a mobile survey.

Healthcare providers are adopting more progressive methods than used in the past for communication.

For those patients in the high-risk category, medical facilities and health providers must improve communication, reach patients and engage them.  Those patients participating in health and wellness programs for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking cessation and weight control are more likely to use and want digital interaction with a higher interest in email (46%), smart phone apps (14%) and texts (27%).

Nearly half of American consumers are now using smartphones and these phone users show a greater preference for text messages (26%) and push notifications (17%)

As time marches on, more doctors will need to take this opportunity to use digital modes of communication, thereby enhancing their patient loyalty and building their brand.  As we move forward, new interaction programs that engage the patients must be looked upon as part of enriching patients’ lives, promoting their health and a part of medical care.

Has your physician or healthcare provider embraced the new forms of communication?  Do you want this participation?

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