What Percentage of Medical Boards Would Look Into Certain Online Actions by Physicians?

Data Point ImageA full 81% of osteopathic and medical board directors surveyed confirmed that they would be very prone to investigate doctors who misrepresented the outcome of treatments online  according to a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Responses to the study came from 48 directors of boards from 38 states.*Activity that would prompt an investigation include:

  • credential falsification (77%)
  • Signs of intoxication (73)
  • Breech of patient confidentiality (65%)
  • Inappropriate or derogatory speech directed at patients (46%)


*Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, “Online Professionalism Investigations by State Medical Boards: First, Do No Harm”

Have you seen colleagues who you thought were guilty of the above behavior and got away with their actions?
What structure is in place at your facility to deal with inappropriate or unprofessional behavior?

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