Here are the latest survey results from your colleagues.  Does it speak for you too?

In analyzing the needs of medical practices with EHR usage, Black Book Rankings recently released their poll showing that doctors favor the cloud-based electronic health record systems (EHR) to save on their expenses.

Entitled “Top Physician Practice Management & Revenue Cycle Management: Ambulatory EHR Vendors”, results show:

  • 87% of doctors state that their billings and collections systems need to be upgraded
  • Most of these physicians want a fully integrated system that is both accessible through the cloud and useable on any mobile device or online browser.
  • 92% said that they are looking for an RCM PM upgrade or system swap with an EHR centric application
  • 42% stated that they will be seeking an upgrade of their RCM software within 6-12 months
  • **72% of physician practices expect decreasing profits or a loss in 2014 since reimbursements are declining and billing with new record buy ventolin for nebulizer technology is inefficient  (this statistic came from practices that were independent, linked to other practices or part of a large hospital system)

Doug Brown, the managing partner of Black Book Market Research, points out:

“As evidenced by the growing number of meaningful use failures and immature EHR systems dropping off the competitive market, far too many EHRs falsely claimed to integrate seamlessly into practice and revenue cycle management systems,” said Brown. “Fewer systems had evidence of seamless integration across revenue cycle management, clinical communications and analytics solutions.”

Furthermore, Mr. Brown states

“These innovative systems are transforming thousands of physicians increase collections, streamline operations, acclimate to reimbursement reforms, provide productive workflows and improve patient care ”

“Over the past year, the overwhelming desire to keep practices from being acquired or selling out has changed drastically”

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