This week, I had a tremendous opportunity to share time with some of the greatest copywriters alive today:

  • Clayton Makepeace
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Richard Armstrong
  • Mark Forde (Michael Masterson)
  • Katie Yeakle
  • Bob Bly
  • John Carlton
  • Bill Bonner
  • And many other powerhouses

While these pros are making 7 figures annually, their great accomplishment is their art of persuasion.  You see, they each have been able to get into the head of their prospect and strike a responsive chord.  It’s taking empathy to a whole new level.  Have you ever seen two tuning forks where you hit only one but the other sings the same vibration?  Picture the ability to get everyone in a room to “resonate” or get your vibes!

Though they each may concentrate on different niches or be different people, they each related a similar story of their humble beginnings.  None were born into copywriting.  It was a desire to be one…and not just one but the best.  So, they did what any competitive person would do.  They worked on it and worked on it.  They were open to criticism as they molded and honed their craft.  They poured sweat into it, analyzed it and poured more sweat into the craft.  It wasn’t just a job. It was a passion… a driving force- just like becoming a doctor. They see what works and they run with it, like a thoroughbred!   Just like a doctor, copywriters make you feel better about yourself.

Both doctors and copywriters can be motivational and inspirational.  They listen and hear the stories that others tell to better understand them. They validate what others are saying about themselves to help them go beyond their current state.  The ones that can truly do this are the most successful and the ones that are getting the most self-satisfaction. These are the doctors that patients keep going back to and the doctors that are being referred.

Are you still in touch with these motivations?  Are you still in touch with your passions and acting upon them or have they died out somewhere between charting, getting buried in new mandates and regulations?  The key is to break out from under the bureaucratic thumb to rekindle the fire that once compelled you.  Not an easy task for some but a rebirth of sorts when you can do it.

If you could be in a room with “the greats” in your field, who would they be?

Share your answers and comments in the box below.