So many times you see content marketing as glorified ads about the company or copies of press releases. That’s just plain WRONG!

Do you fast forward programs on television to get to the commercials-wanting to see the ads instead of the show?  Of course not. That sounds ridiculous! But that’s just what some physicians and health facilities do with their online content marketing.  Instead of providing true value with education and entertainment,they use their content marketing for self-promotion.

The fastest way to lose your fans and readership is to constantly just promote yourself. In order to keep your readers and attract new ones for the purpose of growing your practice and readership, is to publish relevant content on topics that will interest them (and of course topics that are in sync with your practice).

What Health Content should I provide?

Think for a moment about your last office session.  What were the questions that were asked the most frequently?  What are the questions about health that people ask you at a cocktail party?  These are great hints at topics that you can cover.  Peruse the web and see not only what other health topics are covered, but also what is trending.  Ask your social media fans.  Send out surveys asking what people most would like to see covered.  Most patients and readers are happy to tell you.

Visit health forums and chat rooms.  Look for questions that come up.  If you can jump in and answer these questions, you will be thought of as a thought leader and go-to person.  They will follow you from these sites to yours.

Maybe your target audience likes to see videos.  You can throw these into the mix by recording your medical devices and how (and why) they are used.  Add some interviews with solutions to questions that your patients are struggling with.

By doing this, you will have a wide audience of viewers in no time!

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