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Digital Health Market – Growing Demand for Healthcare Technology | – Digital health is technology-enabled care that involves the convergence of digital media, health technology, and mobile devices. It is designed to help patients, care givers, and healthcare profess…

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hospital and Healthcare Industry

More than 20% of U.S. broadband households plan to buy a smart combination sensor this year

Análisis del mercado de la salud desde la Teoría de la Organización Industrial – A álisis del ercado de la salud desde la Teoría de la Orga izació I dustrial Mg. Dr. Sergio Del Prete – Profesor Titular Análisis de Mercados de Salud. Universidad ISALUD  Introducción: ¿Que es la…

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How can I identify my target audience? – Talented Ladies Club – I’ve created a new health drink and am working on my marketing strategy, but I’m stuck on identifying my target audience. I am pretty sure my drink will appeal to everyone. Why should I narrow my a…

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