Physicians are following the advice of health marketers and medical marketers in that the best way to get the attention of both current and prospective patients to listen  is to both incorporate videos and to be more entertaining.

To date, there are 101,915,517 views on YouTube (  and climbing.

The popularity of the video shows that patients want to be personally engaged.  Too, it puts a human image to doctors.

Results of a Pew Internet survey showed that watching videos outperforms reading or viewing still images.

This is not going unnoticed and more and more health facilities are live streaming shows of their own. For instance, The Mayo Clinic, UNC Healthcare, and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin are live-streaming community outreach events like ‘ask a doctor’ sessions, lectures, medical procedures, and guided tours.

Here’s what CHOW’s doing:

Here's how Children's Hospital of Wisconsin uses Facebook Live

Here’s how Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin uses Facebook Live


Placing the video on Facebook as well as YouTube doubles the potential exposure since many patients are on Facebook, not only daily but several times each day.

People also view the video because it is novel and has a great deal of entertainment value as opposed to singing the words to discover medical advice…At least I hope that this is the case.  I shudder to think that Doctors will be mentored by Rappers and choreographers of the day to get their messages out and that we will be getting our medical advice in the future by Beyonce!

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