While both patients and medical facilities have flooded social media sites over the last ten years, the experience and communication for everyone has been homogeneous. Looking at this objectively, the uniformity may not be such a great thing.

Addressing this issue, Google Plus shines way ahead of the competition by concentrating on niches and matching up the right brand to the interested consumer.

Remember when you first started returning to Amazon.com and pop ups would find similar products that aligned with your interests and prior purchases?  This was and is an excellent marketing tactic.  It seems that Google + has been watching and taking this into consideration.

Google+  matches people who are seeking solutions to their questions or problems with businesses or people that offer these solutions.  They link people who think alike, have the same jobs or sell similar products and services that they use.  This is great for companies and brands. By associating with a built in base of consumers who are looking for or using their services, both repeat clients and prospective clients will grow exponentially while further establishing your name or brand in your market. (Whether it is health writing, health marketing, medical services or other companies,  it works well for all niches)

So, when prospective patients are online seeking health information, wouldn’t you like to be the one source they turn to for their solutions?

 SEO = Fresh Content  for Search Engine Rankings

Google is now using fresh and useful content as a parameter to index pages for those searching for them, thereby penalizing spammers and advertisers who do not provide original or useful content.  Content and SEO are merging into the same parameter.

Google + like other popular social media sites, enables viewers an opportunity to learn buy epinephrine inhaler about brands, services and companies while interacting with them on a more personal level. Like other forums, Google+ creates communities that can confer with each other over their likes and dislikes when it comes to services and brands.  This is also helpful to companies who can then see what works, and what doesn’t.

Let”s face it.  You are probably not the only doctor or medical facility of your type in the neighborhood.  Showing up on the first page of searches is not only superior, but the only way today to survive.

Online Neighborhoods

Google + provides unique or different experiences between their private and public communities and only the public ones can share the content outside the community itself. Consumers though, can join as many communities as they have interests.  This is a good thing for companies, and health promoters as well as health providers because each service can appear in a different place (e.g. nutraceuticals, yoga, exercise, diet plans, traditional medicine, etc.)

The thing is, however, whether you are a group practice or an individual, discussions need to be engaging and conversational.  There is no tolerance or room for sales promotions and gimmicks.  People want to interact with people.  Gaining trust will make them clients down the road.

Content marketing and social media have replaced all prior forms of marketing.  People want to interact and engage.  They don’t want to be talked at; they want to be talked to.  This is where Google + outshines all other social media sites.

Joining different communities that reflect you, just makes sense.  So, I’ll ask you again, are you using Google + yet?  You should!

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