Are you “So yesterday?”

Desktop and laptop computers are becoming a thing of the past!  Think that’s an exaggeration?  Then check out

Comscore confirms that more people are now using their smart devices like smart phones as a substitute to surf the web, relagating the clunkier devices to basement storage compartments.  Smartphone penetration in the market is now over 77% in the U.S.

Since mobile devices have surpassed computers as primary portal to surfing the internet, it is crucial that your medical practice website be mobile-friendly!  Medical websites must be able to modify according to the screen size, orientation and platform of the device being used.  This is considered responsive web design.  If you don’t have a site that can respond according to the device, it must be a mobile-optimized medical website so that images are displayed properly on the screen. After all, you don’t want the viewer to have to rotate the image, one eyeball at a time to get a total view of you!

According to a report issued by Google, its latest algorithm will have a strong preference for mobile-friendly sites. The new analytics will actually penalize you when it comes to search engine rankings if you are not mobile-friendly.  As your ranking goes down, fewer prospective patients will find you.  Despite this, a mere 12 percent of websites have responsive design.  Thus, should your site implement this, you will have a huge position out of the gate, leaving your colleagues and competitors in the dust!

Additional Tools

The mobile experience can be enhanced by providing a “Click-to-call” option on your medical website.  Google discovered that 70% of users took advantage of the click-to-call option.  So, do you have a “click-to-call” phone number on your website?  Is it on every screen page?  Are your images usable on mobile views?

While you are trying to move into this century, don’t forget to use an analytical program to track your progress.  Monitor traffic from mobile devices separate from desktop and tablet traffic to see where your patients and prospective patients are “hanging out” so that you can concentrate on the various areas.

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