Have you heard of The Black Book Rankings?

They are listed as “the unbiased source for polling, surveys, market research, opinion mining and customer satisfaction results, and recognized globally.”

In their most recent “2013 State of Replacement EHR Market Study” that was just released, they report on the technology market for health.  With the desperate attempt to digitalize medical records for those that have not done so yet along with all those currently using various vendors for their electronic health records, three out of every four health professionals responded to the survey with a “must have” desire and approach for mobile device adoption to assist in EHR operations.  This includes iPads, iPhones, Androids and other tablets.

Since many who had jumped on the bandwagon of digital adoption early in the game are now expressing dissatisfaction with their vendors due to lack of support, this survey seeks to compare the various systems and report on the ten voted best by those responding.

They are listed in the chart below.


2013 Rank




Dr. Chrono

EHR platform built specifically for the iPad that includes scheduling, patient reminders and billing system that every practice needs.



All-in-one, Web-based, touch screen Electronic Health Record that is affordable, secure, and backed up by “Outstanding Customer Service”.


Care360 Quest

HIPAA-compliant app allows you to easily access your patient records anywhere, anytime.



Portable Electronic Health Records solution that places the capability of clinical buy inhaler asthma data acquisition and organization in the palm of your hand, and interoperates with MacPractice desktop practice management and clinical software.



Greenway’s PrimeMOBILE enables physicians and other staff to access comprehensive patient information from the PrimeSUITE EHR through their Apple-based smart devices from virtually any remote location, improving care delivery and both clinical and financial workflows.



On any Apple® or Android® smartphone or tablet you can have timely access to vital patient information, real-time communication with staff and colleagues, convenient e-Prescribing to patient’s pharmacy, efficient charge capture at the point of service and handy access to appointment schedules.


Practice Fusion

Users will be able to use this free touch-screen optimized app to access their appointments and existing records with ease while seamlessly charting during the patient encounter.



Mobile solution offerings are tailored by specialty, role, and venue to enhance the clinician experience.



Cloud based EMR software that provided to long-term residential care facilities



Physicians can securely access their FREE EHR and patient charts from anywhere, anytime, even when they lose their wireless connection.


Does this affect how you will view your vendors?  Will you research into what makes the vendors above different from yours?  Are you completely satisfied with your current system.

Patients, have you noticed any benefits yet from your doctors using their electronic computer systems for your records?

Share your experiences in the comment box below.