With all the hospitals and medical facilities as well as small medical practices gearing up to adopt meaningful use in their electronic health records (and implement them if they don’t have an EMR yet), are there enough ITs to go around?

This is a question in the latest poll that Healthcare information and Management Systems Society takes a look at.

Their poll was: Are Health Providers putting IT efforts on hold because of staffing shortages?

Results can be found on the graph below from their study.  While a little less than a third are putting their digital attempts on hold, almost half are moving forward.

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A Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society study finds that 31% of health care providers are putting health IT initiatives on hold because of staffing shortages. According to the study, forty-nine percent of respondents are not putting health IT initiatives on hold because of staffing shortages, while 19% have not done so but are considering the option.

By the way, fortunately there were no major outbreaks while the government was on shutdown- the CDC (Communicable Disease Center) was not fully functional.

Now, back to practicing medicine!

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