Because of the development of posts, as responses to each other,social media marketing takes advantage of confirming opinions, in much the same way that testimonials are helpful from satisfied customers.

Excited users and fans of a product brand or company promote it through ravings and recommendations. 
Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a way in which publicity is generated for social media marketing. Links are added to divert readers to blogs, landing pages and other sites that promote services and products, as well as other social media sites.

There are social media marketers that write controversially , with newsworthy content in the hope that it will go viral-being picked up by other sites and having the comments quoted in other blogs and forums.

Social Media Marketing Puts a Face on a Product

In social media marketing, brands become humanized. Even the company president has been “seen and heard” touting their products directly to the consumer. This makes him your friendly neighborhood pal- one that you would purchase from over other competitors.

Now companies are increasingly marketing through social media because they are getting their message out on a larger scale and the overhead price is right-FREE!

The danger or drawback of social media marketing does not understand how to interact with it or understand the importance of it. After all, you don’t want a public flogging of your service. You have to know how to control it.

If you are going to have a social media campaign, you need to be vigilant about responding to comments, be accessible, and be able to put a positive spin on the remarks.
If you can tap into the core emotions of your viewers, social media marketing can be a useful and powerful source.

Not only are you spreading your message, you are getting others to “spread the word” 
for you.

How to Go Viral in Social Media Marketing

1)    Emphasize Your Keywords- Let your keywords play a prominent place in your blogs, articles and website content.  This will allow your site to appear when your target market does a search.

2)    Link your content to current events, celebrities and trends- People are searching on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and various other social media sites.  If you can link to breaking news, your content will stand a higher chance of getting viewed.

3)    Run a Contest-  If you give away something of value, you can entice people to enact your call to action. (whether it is to follow you on a social media site, get other followers or get a certain number of likes on your Facebook page.)  

4)    Offer a Solution in the form of a white paper, tip sheet or ebook-  Giving something away that people want in exchange for their name, helps to add to your funnel list in addition to going viral.

5)    Write an inspiring quote of the day or a funny story- People always love human interest and humor.  They naturally want to share them with their friends.

6)    Post videos and pictures-  If your images can elicit emotion (whether it is a cute child or pet for instance), it stands a great chance of being shared.

Active participation in social media marketing is a cheap form of advertising and a great way to strengthen your brand, while getting your message out.


Just remember, there are certain privacy or security laws that you must abide by.   Check out the list of dos and don’ts that the government puts out to ensure that you are not violating HIPAA codes and then you’re all set to go!

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