You will soon be able to add celebrity to your authority status!

Facebook will be making it easy to get your message out to patients and prospective patients alike by hosting a radio show. On Monday, Facebook started testing a live audio streaming service- one that allows people to broadcast on their Facebook network, radio-style. “Live Audio” is devised as a further option to the live video streaming that is currently available.

Facebook is partnering with BBC World Service, British talk radio station LBC, and  book publisher HarperCollins, , as well as authors Adam Grant and Brit Bennett. Facebook will be testing Audio Live with partners in coming weeks.  After the kinks are ironed out, will will be introduced over the next year.

The foundation of FB broadcasting was mentioned by Shirley Ip (Facebook product specialist) and Bhavana Radhakrishnan (software engineer) in a blog post to say:

“We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video.”

Benefits of “AudioLive” include:
  • Engagement with listeners who will be able to ask questions and comment in real time while the broadcast is aired
  • Provides a viable option where larger data demands of video streaming are hard to handle by the telecommunication networks
  • Access by a wider audience than other forms of written content
  • Increased comprehension by some listeners who may not fully understand written health content
  • Creating a perception for the broadcaster as an authority in the field and a celebrity
  • Helps strengthen the brand of the broadcaster
 Until it becomes accessible, consider putting out your own podcasts.  Need help with that?  Give us a call at 561-325-9664.
What is your favorite podcast currently?