Want to know how to get more readers and visitors to your site?
Let your website work to get perspective clients/patients and maintain the ones you have.

There are 9  techniques that you can easily implement today to get those readers: (and have them think you are fascinating!)

1) Offer a free contest or sweepstakes. It’s a known truth- people like to win something. If people feel like they are going to be
rewarded, they will try for it. It is a win-win situation. You can make the contest one where readers are tweeting about you or
something they found on your site. This will get more eyes on you and visualization to your site.

2) Needless to say, you need to provide free original content. Your visitors will not stay if they are hearing the “same-old,same-old”.
If you are the one posting information that is not found elsewhere, those interested in that topic will flock to you and find out what
you are posting about it.

3) Establish a community or forum where people can not only air their views but discuss them with like-minded people. Adding a message
board will help with verbal intercourse.

4) Create a directory of websites on a specific topic related to your group or recommended list of reading. People will come to your
site to find all the information in one place.

5) Offer an affiliate generic for ventolin program for your products or services. A chance to make money is a
powerful incentive to associate with you and your site.

6) Add current events and up-to-date stories on topics that your group would be interested in.
People love to hear stories and find out what is current in their field of interest.

7) Offer free samples. Have you written a book? Share one or two chapters for free.
Perhaps you have a free tip sheet that you can share or words of advice from the pro.

8) Offer solutions to problems that your intended group experiences. People
will visit your site to find ways to fix their problems or themselves.

9) Offer a free e-zine. Share yourself and your information on a regular basis.
You are supplying information to a group that has raised their hand to get it
and you are staying in their minds.

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