Marketing tools help further your success in promoting your services to the public. They make it much easier and effective to spread your message while getting you more visibility and strengthening your brand.

Here are a few that I think you will find quite valuable in your content marketing.


1. Flipboard: a news aggregation and social network aggregation

Flipboard is your very own  personal magazine, the single place for all your interests, used by millions of people daily. I find it useful in reading and sharing stories that are relevant to followers and patients.  The tool makes it easy for reading, and sharing stories as you can find authoritative news and fresh content. Regardless of platforms you’re using, you can save material, sort it by topic or category of medical conditions and recall the material instantly.

Since its inception, reaction to the application was positive for the most part with Techpad calling it a “killer” iPad application. Apple reviewed Flipboard positively, and named the application Apple’s “iPad App of the Year” in 2010.  When a new update of the software added more features such as support for Google Reader, a web-based aggregator, and content from more publishers, the app received a favorable review from the Houston Chronicle.

The application’s user interface is designed for intuitive flipping through content. Once the feeds have been set up, the first page seen when the application is opened is a list of the subscribed content. The iPhone and Android versions have a “Cover Stories” section on the first page collating only the most recent, important items from all of the subscriptions.This is meant to be read when the user only has a short period of time for reading.

2. Hemingway Editor

This tool is free.  It is invaluable as it boosts readability by tightening copy and simplifying content without compromising the message you are trying to convey.

3. CoSchedule

This app allows you to integrate your editorial calendar, blog, and social media planner.  Best of all, it interfaces with Evernote, and WordPress. CoSchedule enables integration with all the tools and apps you are presently using.  It’s a thing of beauty!

4. provides new opportunities by tracking your pitches and helping you find blogs where you can post to increase your visibility while making use of a wider or newer audience.

5. Wyng

Wyng is designed as a place for brands and marketers to create and manage digital marketing campaigns. Here you can integrate your landing pages with existing software by choosing templates with a drag-and-drop builder.

6. Social Image Resizer Tool

Images are key to attract attention and get your posts read but sharing them has its own challenges. Each social media site has its own rules relating to sharing images. The Social Image Resizer Tool helps you crop and resize your photos to each social media site’s specifications.

7. VWO

Testing is key to determine whether the presentation of your content is effective or not by using A/B testing, an essential part of marketing. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) tests various versions of your site to show you the different ways you can present the same information.

8. Crazy Egg

Discover how patients and clients are engaging with different sections of your website.  Crazy Egg offers heat maps that show how far visitors scroll, where they click and when they’re abandoning your site. These are helpful data metrics.


By discovering what your patients and clients are saying online, you can immediately take care of any needed damage control and you can contribute to conversations showing how relevant and helpful you are., is a tool which helps you monitor where your patients are spending time online.

Marketing tools and techniques are ever evolving to help you with your content and health marketing.  Sign up to receive more helpful tips as they come out by entering your name in the box at the top left corner of this page.  See you at the next post!