So, you’ve decided to run webinars in order to get your messages across.  Congratulations!  That’s a great choice.  Now you must decide how you will be presenting your content since there are many different options available.

Presentation Styles for your content

In order to keep your viewers interested in your webinar, you need to give them interesting things to look at or actions to take. (Don’t let them fall asleep or click off from boredom!)

  1.  Audience participation: Allow your audience to be involved.  By having polls as well as questions and answers, you will be engaging your listeners.  This will keep them involved and may spark an interest in wanting to know more about your products and services.

2. Slide dominance: A heavy reliance on images and slides accompanying your messages attract attention and eyes to follow along

3. Script: Compose a script for your talk.  This will keep you focused and along the direction that you are intending. Bear in mind that every 3 pages   will translate to a ten minute talk.

4. Slides with copy: While adding copy to slides will help explain the slide, you don’t want to have long paragraphs with blocks of text that mimic what you will be saying.  You want them to listen to you, not just read along, making you superfluous.

5. Comics and humorous slides: Starting a webinar with a few funny slides relating to your topic can start the session off in a lighthearted good mood with everyone ready to hear more.

6. Embedded video: Including videos that pop up during the webinar helps illustrate your point and renews attention/interest in your talk.

7. Speakers

You don’t have to rely on yourself for all the webinar content. There are several ways to involve other speakers- each with advantages associated with them.

  1. Interviews– Have a dialogue with academic experts, thought leaders in your field of expertise, or influential bloggers with large audiences.  You will be perceived to be an important thought leader by association.  In addition, those people you interview will promote your webinar to their audiences, widening the scope of your viewers.

2. Panel debates- have several speakers that represent various points of view in your topic.   This will spur on conversation and engage            viewers as well.

3. Joint discussions- consider professionals with complimentary but different services from your own, contributing to the conversation.  Examples of this would be a physical therapist for an orthopedic surgeon,  a dental lab for a reconstruction dentist, an infertility doctor for an obstetrician. Presenting the information in this way strengthens the idea that you are performing a service to your viewers by educating and informing them as opposed to just promoting yourself.

What are some ways that you have conducted your webinars?  Share your experiences in the comment box below.

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