Believe it or not, there are only 3 months left of this year.

Remember when the year started and you made some resolutions about your health marketing for your medical practice?  Did you implement the health marketing that you planned?

Now is the time to take stock of the year, to see where there are weaknesses, to see how your staff can help you engaging your patients and to make a list of the health marketing steps that you need.  This should be reviewed and ready to enact in the new year.

January is the time that we turn the page, start fresh and resolve to make our business resolutions a reality.  For many of us, it means taking a more active approach with marketing…getting new clients or patients and growing the practice that we have into a robust business that we can be proud of. For many in the health field, marketing is either nonexistent or minimal.  But not you!  For today you are going to stand steadfast and make your marketing effective.  Good for you!

5 Ways to Transform Your Practice in 2018

Be who you are…a professional but human

Before you see marketing as a chore, I would like to impart this advice.  You are human, not a marketing machine or an advertising agency. Marketing is all about relationships- the ones you forge with your patients.  They want to see the human side of you, not some stuffy white coat who can’t relate to them and what they are going through.  Don’t have a special marketing voice.  Use your own.

“People don’t buy from companies, from stores or from websites; people buy from people. Marketing is not about programs; it is about relationships.”  — Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

 1-Express gratitude

This goes a long way and costs virtually little to no expense. People like to think that they mean something to you. Be grateful. Show more appreciation to the family, staff, patients, referral physicians and  vendors  in your life.  Say “thank you” more.  Send a card or an email expressing this for new patients.  Send a thank you to patients that have sent their friends and families to you.  Show gratitude often. 

When someone’s special day arrives, let them know that it has not gone unnoticed.  Patients appreciate that you are thinking of them.  This can be part of an automated system.

2 – Always have a Call to Action

What would you ideally like a viewer to DO after viewing your website.  Provide quality offers to engage them, whether it is to sign up for a digital newsletter, get an FAQ sheet and call for an appointment. The offer is about providing   helpful information, to get referrals and new patients. Think of what you can offer that is in alignment with your services.

3 – Strengthen your position of authority


Create your own, personal authority position on a specific topic or expertise.  There are many ways you can accomplish this.  You can post guest blogs to websites having a large audience, write a book (at least a short book),  be a guest interview expert, speak at events, have a column in your local paper, and participate in health fairs. You can  differentiate yourself from your colleagues by establishing credibility and expertise.

4 – Offer more experiences


Patients remember experiences.  Create a forum or Facebook page where patients can interact, voice their opinions and concerns and get information not only from you but from other patients who have had similar experiences.

Don’t forget to set up your patient portal and inform patients that it exists as well as how to sign on and use it to their advantage.  Doing so, not only helps you with meaningful use but also is a tool that patients appreciate.

5 – Keep things simple

Make a simple list that you can recommend for your patients to follow so they see what steps to take in order to maintain their health. (E.g. which foods to avoid, which exercises are the best, etc.)

None of the above steps cost money; it’s only an effort by you and your staff.  Many of these steps can be done at once and then scheduled for the times that you would like them to appear.  This is a great start!

If you need help with this, no worries, just call 561-325-9664 and we can get you up and running!