Is your medical practice website mobile-friendly?  When people check your site out on their mobile devices, can they see the site the way it was designed and intended?  Rather, does one only see half a screen and not be able to make out what was actually written?  These are frustrations that chase away even the most ardent followers.

“Mobile is no longer an emerging channel. Along with social media, it’s become an essential part of every digital marketer’s strategy: 2013 was, finally, the year of mobile.” MarketingProfs

Let’s see how to overcome your challenges.  Read on.


5 Effective Ways to Make Engaging Mobile Apps 

1)Know your prospective patients. Developing relationships begin one at a time by interaction, water it is through presenting the medical news of the day, providing solutions to problems they are struggling with, or even presenting surveys and contests with health questions. Connect with your prospective patients to understand what they want in relation to your services and the way you present them.

2) Design your site for multiple platforms.

So that you can provide a consistent user experience, reconciling the unique native languages of each platform is imperative. Read more at NextWeb.

3)Create deep linking functionality. Opening  mobile devices, should send the mobile version of the site to that specific device.  Direct people to the correct landing page with deep links, thereby extending your digital marketing.

4)Test the application. If your app freezes or crashes, you won’t get a second chance with customers. The more you invest in making your app a quality product, the better your app will be and the more likely people will want to download and use it.

5)Spread the word.  Having an app is meaningless unless you create desire about using the app. and letting everyone know that the easy-to-download app exists.

Making a great app starts with your clientele.  If you build for patients, learn from them, and make it easy for them to use it you will be making a better app than what is already available out there.

Do you think that a mobile app is for you in the near future?  Do you already have one?  Share your thoughts in the comment box below.