As a professional in the health field, you already work 25 hours out of every 24.    Your patients are often aware of the latest information with online surfing. Wouldn’t you feel foolish or insecure if they knew more about what is going on in the healthcare field than you?  You need tools that will let you know what’s out there, medical breakthroughs and what is hitting the news.

Here are 5 Free Tools that you will come to rely on and find invaluable- both informative and a time saver!

1) Feedly

Feedly is a great tool for discovering newsworthy content in your specialty.  It aggregates breaking news articles from social media sites like Facebook and newspapers.  if the article is noteworthy and relevant to your patients, share it with your patients, your fans, readers and prospective patients. You can post it in your blogs as well as your newsletters.  If the information is truly new and earth-shattering- you can share it with your patients immediately. (This will stem the tide of calls from patients wanting to discuss the news with you and whether it is relevant to them from a treatment standpoint.)

2) Reddit

Reddit consumers discuss their concerns, symptoms and problems in the comment box which provides thousands of content ideas for you.  It is a treasure chest of patient interests, and current trends. There are 8 billion views in a single month!  Not only can you get targeted ideas, you can also post your ideas and articles on Reddit.  Those that are upvoted, spread virally all across the internet.  This helps strengthen your brand and promotes you as an authority in your field. (Just remember, it can go the other way also!)  Remember to use stellar content that people will understand and find captivating.

3) Google Alerts

Supplied by Google, you have only to submit the topic or keyword that you are interested in following.  Every time this topic appears online, whether it is from a digital newsletter, magazine, blog post, you are emailed the information so that you can read and refer back to it.

4) Quora

This is quite a useful place to follow trends and influencers. It is the largest Question and Answer site online with a vast database of questions and answers. Not only is there a wide range of topics, but also eye-catching titles that you can use for content ideas and write articles on.

5) Canva

You’ve heard countless times that a picture (or video) tells a thousand words.  Well, Canva supplies the images for you to do just that!  While visual images are more appealing and captures interest, it can be quite expensive.  Here’s where Canva shines:

  • Supplies images for every topic including events and holidays
  • Enables color changes to suit your brand
  • Makes adding captions and text easy
  • It’s simple to use
  • Provides a variety if formats and image sizes

Now is the time to explore Canva.  It is just so useful, you will wonder how you ever did without it!

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