Want to get ahead in 2017?  Then leverage your content with Instagram to reach out and touch more viewers and build awareness for your brand.

5 Tips to be effective and successful at Medical marketing on Instagram

  1. Increase your reach, Connect with new audiences, and tell a memorable brand story 

While Instagram is not new to social media, many hospitals and physicians are only just looking at it now as a marketing tool.

There is a key reason to jump on the wagon! There are more than  500 million users on Instagram since its inception, so there is a whole market to tap into. Getting exposure and strengthening your brand is a great way (and at no cost) to get new patients and tell your story through images and videos.

According to Hubspot, 65% of senior marketing executives believe visual aids are essential to communicating a brand story and connect  on a more personal level.

2) Be Identifiable 


Promote good health,  health fairs, wellness events, and new treatment or services that the hospitals are now providing. Each post should reflect the hospital and medical brand.

3) Know your Target Audience 

People will be able to connect with your brand on a more personal level when your content is relatable and focused. Gear many of your posts to the 20-30 aged group.

4) Be Consistent

Be consistent with logo and colors of the hospital brand and website.  Make sure that the images reflects the content and services that are provided.

5) Reflect your Core Values 

To truly create and spread brand awareness for your hospital or health system, it’s important that your Instagram content reflects your organization’s core values.   Update your posts often and relay information about your hospital or health system (e.g. upcoming events, new programs, updated technology systems, renovation plans).

Instagram is a platform that values creativity and storytelling, aspects that are essential to any hospital marketing plan or strategy.  Images and videos can illicit emotions and tug on the heart strings.  It can make you feel good and inspire positive actions.

As a hospital or physician’s practice, take advantage of this social media tool before your competition does.

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