Once you’ve created your content,  how are you going to promote it? After all, if no one sees or hears your content, you have wasted your time and energy.

Content Promotion and Distribution Strategies

1. Find your own space

Look for spaces where the competition isn’t crowding you out.

“Create content that’s free from competition and you’ll truly stand out.” @garrett_moon @coschedule

2. How do you Stand out?

Take a look at the content that you created which was well received. Follow what you’re good at and content that your target audience finds relevant and valuable. Disrupt the patterns that your competition uses.

3. Search topics

Surf Google and other search engines for relevant topics to your field of expertise. Look to see what is trending, what is consistent and the top ten results.

4. Identify Impact

Make a list of all your ideas and rank them with your team in terms of which ones make the most impact with your viewers and potential patients/clients. Prioritize from highest to lowest to grow your practice and increase traffic to your website.  Now you know which direction to go and what topics to focus on.

5. Promote Content on your Social Media Channels

Social media plays a key role in getting your content in front of the right people. Your participation must be consistent, helpful and of value. Once you have helped provide solutions to problems that your potential patients are struggling with, you can then give a call to action such as making an appointment or signing up for a newsletter.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a successful marketer says:

“My social media strategy is to give as much value as possible that you basically guilt people into buying what you’re selling. So when you finally ask them to buy what you’re selling, they do.”

He points out that you can’t just talk about your content and then ask people to click a link but rather you need to prove that you’re a trustworthy source and get their attention and time for when you do ask for something in exchange.

It’s a long-term commitment in building your worth.

Brian Peters, a digital marketing strategist at Buffer,  explains his process in Introduction to Social Media Strategy:

  • Find your voice
  • Choose what platforms you’re going to use 
  • Generate platform-specific content

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