There are many benefits to speaking to an audience at a conference. Just imagine, getting to speak on stage to a room full of people that represent your target audience…and you get to speak to each one of them, all at once! The trick is to make each person feel that you are talking to them directly.

Benefits Of Being A Conference Speaker

1) Attract patients, clients and referrals

Speaking on stage gives the perception that you are being endorsed by the ones who arranged for your speaking engagement.  You are already viewed as an authority in your field and so, you are promoting your services or practice indirectly.  Listeners who find your talk engaging, will change them from prospective patients to those eager to make appointments with you.  Additionally, others who are impressed with you may not need your services themselves but will refer you to those that do.

2) Strengthen your brand image

By being an effective speaker, you are leaving your listeners with a lasting impression of who you are, your services and what you represent.  Their interest will further go towards seeking you out.

3) Creates premiums

Video your talk for later use.  It can be added to your offers as a premium, an example to show event planners for future talks or for website information.

4) Touching attendees

Attendees crave personal attention by introducing themselves, trying to get a product you are selling or further information so while you help others, you are  gaining for yourself. You are also increasing your exposure and circle of influence since new people see you at each conference.

5) Social Media Boost

During your talk, you may encourage listeners to take pictures with their smartphones and post them to their social media sites (promoting the conference, of course). When your talk has ended, some in the audience may rush to take a selfie with you.  These photos on social media sites will increase your visibility and boost the perception of you as an influencer and thought-leader.

Consider offering an ebook or tip sheet that people can email you to get.  This gives you their name and email address for future campaigns.  They may not be ready for your services right now but sending them information with this email address consistently will keep you in their mind when they are ready for you.

The more you speak, and the more questions that you are asked, the more ideas that you will glean for future speeches.

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