Some lessons you pick up from seeing the wrong path you’ve been on  or mistakes you’ve made. Sometimes the lessons come from a “brain flash”- a realization of how you could improve upon the actions you have taken.  With that in mind, here are some lessons I’ve learned over this last year.

Maybe be seeing them, you see yourself and consider new paths or techniques to implement.

1) Chasing Shiny Pennies

You may have heard of this before but as physicians, we feel that we have to be prepared and do everything. Rather than continually looking for new systems, techniques, and methods, pick the one or two that will give you the most to reach your goals.  You know what you need to do. You’ve got this!

2) Make time for yourself, your friends and your family

Many of us are so busy with work and day to day responsibilities, that laughter, exercise and sharing time with those you love get put on hold for later.  This is a prime set up for burnout.

It’s time to save yourself!  Put “you time” on the schedule. That includes exercise programs, time to have fun and just be carefree or silly. It’s only by taking care of yourself and being your healthiest, calmest version, that you can appreciate and approach your patients with fresh eyes. Serenity helps you achieve your purpose and spread your message.

3) Respond only when necessary

Email and social media can be a black hole.  No matter how much time you devote to it, you never reach the bottom. You don’t always need to respond to everything. This is time that you could be devoting to #2 above.  If you feel that it is important to dwell on these sites, outsource it!  There are social media marketers happy to take this off your hands.

4) You don’t need to know all the answers..Just where to find them

Let’s face it. We are great at what we do. We are great diagnosticians, great healers, great surgeons.  But in terms of marketing a practice, knowing which EHRs work best or business activities, not so much.

It’s ok to say, I’ll have to look into the answers.  It’s also great to get some mentors that have accomplished what you are looking to achieve.  Get knowledgeable people who can lead you to success and show you how to be the most effective. Sit down and establish a business plan, a set of goals for your practice and a list of how to reach them.

5) Incorporate Ways to Save Time

Create an FAQ sheet (most frequently asked questions) with the answers that you tell patients. Whenever you are then asked these questions, you can refer them to this “resource”.

Create videos of procedures and services that you provide for your patients.  Having them on your website where they can be viewed will facilitate patient understanding.

Renovate your website to make sure it has no broken links and can be easily navigated. I’ve been spending time on my sites over the last few weeks.

Curate your information. A series of blog posts can be turned into an ebook or video.

And You?

What lessons have you learned over the last year?  Share them with us in the comment box below.