Health is a business like any other and professionals are beginning to see that better than most others as small practices are closing due to financial strains. Doctors who love tending to patients are seeking hospital employment or forced to retire earlier than originally planned.  Are you starting to worry?  You should! (But, you can do something about it before it’s too late)

Studies show that only 12% of companies are ignoring content in their marketing campaigns. So, if you are not marketing as a doctor’s office or health facility, you are one of the 12% being left behind in the dust.

Time to get going!

Effective Content marketing plan for the healthcare sector

1. You Need A Plan


You can’t analyze what is effective in your marketing and what you need to scrap without a plan. Unfortunately,

 35% of companies that implement content marketing don’t strategize.

2.Personalize Your Practice or healthcare facility

You need to connect to your patients and prospective patients to engage them.  Let your personality show through and advise your staff to be “human” as well.  While activities during the day may seem rote to them, they must be warm and interactive with patients. Content should reflect this as well. Relate stories with personal profiles that can be found on your website, in videos and images.

3. Create Videos

Videos are great in medicine to show how procedures are done, how medical devices work, symptoms in various conditions and just about anything that you can say to patients. Videos are far more engaging than trying to explain it with words alone.  Mobile device users find video easier to view and consume which is  why video is increasing in popularity.

4. Incorporate Trends and News 

Content must be relevant and new, not same old, same old.

Leon Reingold, the CEO of  Drug Tests in Bulk,

 “One of the few ways healthcare can stay relevant is by offering professional commentary on a breaking news story. Has a new cure being discovered for a serious illness? Offer your analysis. Have some new drug test kits hit the market? Break the news. Has a hospital been fined by the government for something erroneous? Make an article out of it.”

Doing so goes a long way to gaining vital social proof.

5. Create Give Aways

Producing a wellness magazine is one of the best options in health when it comes to providing informative, interesting and engaging content that patients will find relevant and desirable.  Highlight lifestyle choices and prevention for illness. This will boost your reputation as an authority in your field and attract new patients or clients too.

Give something away for signing up to your email list like a tip sheet or a page of the most frequently asked questions and answers. This will not only encourage sign-ups but also enable  you to speak to new clients directly.


Marketing for a medical practice may seem daunting at first but when you break it down into small bites, doesn’t have to be difficult. Just think about your target audience and what they are interested in which is in sync with your services.

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Thanks so much! The Medical Strategist