Want more shares and retweets on social media sites?  Well, then it’s time to spice up your blog posts!

what is a gif

Studies show that:

People may not remember what you say but they usually remember the dramatic images or the emotional videos. So, it’s key to add content that elicits emotion and resonates with your target market.

5 Spices to Add

1. Infographics

These visuals breakdown complex statistical data so that viewers can more readily understand them.

According to HubSpot regarding infographics:

  • They are liked, shared and retweeted three times more on social media platforms than any other types of content.
  • Eye-tracking studies have shown that online readers pay more attention and spend more time on images that carry information than they do on the text that’s on the same page.
  • Audiences that follow directions that are accompanied by texts and illustrations perform over 300% better than those who follow directions that have no illustrations.

Utilize  fonts, shapes and colors that reflect your website and bring out the information you wish to convey. This will provide a visual  impact to your audience. When they connect to viewers, shares are more likely and more backlinks are your reward!

Helpful Tip: You can sign up for free to get infographic templates for easier creation at https://infograph.venngage.com/templates

2. Captivating Images

Intersperse high quality, compelling images throughout the body of text to encourage reading through to the end of your posts.    Having blocks of information without anything else to attract the eyes only causes glaze-over and deletes- not your intended goal!

Check out Pixabay.com if you are not handy with a camera.  This site provides free, royalty photos where you can search for images that match your message.

Think of how popular snapchat has become and Instagram.  People love viewing and sharing photos.

Remember though that the images must align with your stories, your personal image and your services.

Studies show:

Let’s take a look at Pinterest, popular for:

  • Image quotes: Motivational, educational, or entertaining are popular and often get shared.

  • Images that evoke emotions: It feels like a cliché to say that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but it’s hard to argue that premise. Just think of the warm and fuzzy feelings you get from seeing videos and images of animals.  They are viewed thousands of times.
  • Quizzes and Questions: These are very effective in challenging the viewers and getting engagement through interactions. As they are shared, a bonus is the backlinks that we acquire.

3. Screenshots


Unlike Screenshots enable you to give an overview of your site, your services and your opinions.

An example is a screenshot of your app so that your target market sees its benefit and effectiveness. Add captions and testimonials to the screenshot for even greater value.


4. Talks, Lectures & Slides

These provide a great opportunity to inform, educate and entertain your audience which creates a bond as well. SlideShare enables you to insert your images for easy sharing. You can also offer your slides to those that email you a request which increases the names and emails in your data base for later email campaigns.

Make sure that your slides are high quality, actionable advice, unique messages and consistent visuals to your business and website.

5. Video Content

Videos are a great way to showcase your services, better explain a process or technique and inform viewers while engaging and entertaining them.

Check out the results of these surveys:

  • Four times as many consumers prefer watching a product video rather than reading about it.
  • In an Animoto survey, over 75 percent of SMB owners and marketers who have used marketing videos confirmed that the videos directly impacted the growth of their business.
  • Studies have shown that landing pages that contained a video hand an 80% increase in conversions.
  • Just by having the word “video” in your emails’ subject line, the open rates are boosted by 19 percent while the rates of clickthrough are increased by as much as 65 percent.
  • In a 2016 survey, HubSpot confirmed that over 40 percent of customers wanted to watch more videos.
  • Organic engagement on Facebook increased by 8.7 percent on posts that are uploaded with videos.

Example of a video inserted into a post:


There are several captivating tools or ways that you can increase audience views with content marketing,  boost the traffic to your website and attract new clients for your services. Effective visual content provides more links and more shares which gives you free advertisement too!

Content marketing is used for education, engagement and entertainment and adding visual effects accomplishes this for you.

Do you need additional help with this?  Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation at: Barbara@TheMedicalStrategist.com