Tomorrow, look forward to a new episode of the Podcast “Marketing Tips for Doctors”.

Our special guest will be . Jenna Crane for Klara: Word of Mouth Marketing and Patient Convenience

In this episode, Barbara and Jenna discuss:

·         How Klara can help with communication in your practice.

·         How branding, acquisition, and customer success can help your business to succeed.

·         Why word of mouth marketing is so powerful and effective for businesses.

Key Takeaways:

·         Having a happy patient base can bring in more referrals and growth to your practice.

·         Most patient portals are not made for the patient in mind.

·         The most powerful marketing is word of mouth marketing.

“Consumers today are used to having convenience experiences in the rest of their life…80% of patients say that convenience and access is the most important factor when they choose their health care provider.” —  Jenna Crane

Don’t miss it!  Stay tuned!