The benefits of being a local celebrity are huge…you create a brand as a recognized expert, or an authority and influencer in your field, allowing you to help more people and share your message.  People will seek you out for the services that you provide, rather than your competitors.

But how do you become a local celebrity?

Strategy to Become The Local Celebrity 

#1. Be Seen Everywhere

Get a book at the local health fair.  Give a talk at the library and local businesses.  Write a column in the newspaper or magazine that is distributed to your area. Donate to local charities like the scouts, Little League or group that reflects the type of patients that you care for. Speak to parent groups and attend local festivals.

#2. Tasteful advertising

Sponsor a group in your community with T-Shirts and hats holding your name and logo. These are seen throughout the area.

#3. Rank on first page of Google

Select 5-7 keywords that represent you and your services.  These are the words that people use to surf the net and find you.  Try the Google keyword planner for keyword selection and buy domains that include these phrases.  Incorporate the keywords liberally, in blogs, articles, and podcasts.  Submit your sites to T social bookmarking sites.  Issue a press release regularly showing what your practice does to support the  community.

#4. Be authentic.

Be yourself and not others in creating your brand.  Think of your story and what sets you apart from everyone else.  Show what makes you unique and do so in a humanly way.  Consider what benefits you provide to others.

#5. Your celebrity brand

People are noticing you as you climb the ranks of celebrity status.  You must be consistent in all areas of your content and how you represent yourself, wherever you are and in whatever activity you participate in. Be relentless in your efforts to stand out.  After all, that is what it means to be a celebrity!

Check back to see the podcast interview on becoming a celebrity.

Keep in mind that there are other professionals in your field and in your area.  If you don’t try to stand out, you might as well hang up the stethoscope!  Your prospective patients will be knocking on the doors of your colleagues and competitors.

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