Do you know who your target market is?  You do?  Great!  Now, ask yourself, do you know what content they want, what’s relevant and what solves their problems?  Are your posts hit or miss?  Have you been following what works and what doesn’t?

These are all crucial questions to ask yourself when you are producing content or you are just spinning your wheels and the content is getting the delete button treatment!

Viewers will only engage with you if you are relevant for them. They want to be educated, engaged and entertained.

Register for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free to enroll and shows you where your audience is finding your website, what pages or posts they like and how helpful they find your content.  Combining this with social media metrics allows you to see the whole inbound marketing system.

4 Key reports from Google Analytics to boost your social media health marketing results

  1. Search Engine Optimization

See the search terms people use to  find a link to your website, and then click through to it. Take a look at these search terms to find out what people are looking for and what they are interested in.  This is a great method for  ideas to choose social media and blog posts.

      2. Social Landing Pages

Find out the most frequently clicked  URLs (of your site) on your social media presence. Utilize this information to create new pages for social media posts.  Share the links where your viewers hang out.

      3. Demographics

Check the Audience Overview report and Demographics Overview report on a regular basis because your viewers may change and you will need to change too in order to cater to them.  Take note of age, gender, geographic location, and languages. Also note the bounce rate, average session duration and a number of users each month.  Your marketing goal is to play off of these metrics,  to attract more users to the website (getting prospective patients interested),  ramp up session duration, and decrease the bounce rate.

4. Social Overview

Have you wondered where your patients and viewers hang out most in social media?

This is crucial to know so that you don’t spend your time where they don’t go but rather spend your energy where patients and prospective patients will see your posts.  The social overview is a standard report that shows which social media channels brought website visits for the time period you have selected. The overview  shows the total number of website sessions from all social media sites, and the total number of social media contributed conversions.

Knowing this enables you to hang out in these sites too.


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