Google Analytics, key in content and health marketing,  is a free tool provided by Google to help you understand your website traffic pattern, which pages are viewed, and which are not. This information is very valuable as it enables you to see where you should be focusing your content and which information can go by the wayside.
Google created this tool to enable surfers online to get the appropriate list for topics and people they are searching for online. It not only assists website owners in knowing their visitors to the site but also aids people in general using Google to enjoy their experience more. Not using Google Analytics is a big mistake. By not doing so, you’re missing out on a key chance to increase traffic and gain an in-depth understanding about the prospective patients and clients using your site.

 4 Reasons to use Google Analytics for your marketing strategy

1. GA Pinpoints Which Marketing Channels Drive Traffic

Google Analytics informs you of  the sources your traffic is coming from. You may receive a lot of your traffic from social media, or it may be organically through keywords that represent your practice that people are searching for. Knowing where traffic is coming from can help you adjust your campaigns to bring in more traffic from each source, and even start driving traffic from other sources.

Let’s say you ran a Facebook Ad and at the end of the month, you see that you had a 25% increase in traffic from Facebook. You may run that same ad or one similar to keep that flow of traffic.

For example, let’s say that you’re not getting as much organic search traffic as you would like. The next month you start adding content to your site optimized with relevant keywords. The following month, you see more organic traffic in Google Analytics. Your efforts were a success, so you know you should continue adding content the next month.

Imagine this- you run a Facebook or Instagram ad and then see a 30% increase in traffic from those sites.  In order to maintain that increase in traffic, you might want to repeat that ad the following month.

2. GA  Shows you which pages were your best and how much time was spent on them

Google wants you to know which pages users visit the most and which pages they spend the most time on so you can make improvements to the weaker ones. Go to Behavior -> Site Content section of Google Analytics. To see which pages generate the most SEO traffic, you can look at Behavior -> Site Content -> Landing Pages, and then view a Segment for “Organic Traffic.”

By looking at that report, you can see which pages are already generating the most traffic from SEO, and see how well they are converting. You can then make improvements to the pages to help generate more traffic and more conversions.



3. GA Points out the Most Profitable Marketing Channels

A landing page with a conversion goal set up on Google Analytics helps you determine which marketing channels are the most profitable and effective.

See how many users visit different pages on your website, where they are located and which paths they take navigating from one page to another page. Seeing this data helps you determine the effectiveness of your pages.

Now, Picture setting up a Google Ad which is hyperlinked to a dedicated landing page. This page collects people’s information so that you can send them a free guide. Google Analytics will show you how many people completed your form and which Google Ad sent people to the landing page.

You can also see referring websites. If someone links to your site and you have a form or product on the page they linked to, you can see the number of conversions.

4. GA illustrates  Your Site’s Demographics

Google Analytics provides you with information on the location, age, gender, and interests of the people coming to your site. When you know your demographics, you know whether your marketing efforts are targeting the right audience.

Knowing who is accessing your website can help you understand what you need to do to get more of the right type of people to your site and where to focus your energy.

Partner with Google!

Your aim is to deliver a high-quality site to online viewers and Google shares this goal. Toward this end, Google  provides data to website owners so that you can deliver a high-quality site by:

  • Showing the origin of web traffic
  • Which marketing channels bring the most leads and conversions
  • Who is visiting the website
  • Which pages on the website they visit
  • How the navigational flow is for the visitors
  • How much time visitors spend on each page

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