Newsletters are great vehicles to drive people to your website which translates to practice growth and attracting prospective patients.  The thing is, when you create a newsletter or Ezine, how do you get viewers to read it?

Sure, you can ask current patients if they would like to receive a newsletter from you and chances are they will say yes.  After all, they are your patients and come to you for the advice that you give.  But how do you get readers that are not your patients now?

Tips to Get Subscribers for Your Newsletter or Ezine


#1: Tell your friends, Referral Sources and patients 

There is no point in having a newsletter if it is a secret. Post a sign in the waiting room and have the front desk staff tell patients about it.  You can launch signups even before the first edition is out.  Let everyone know and get their opinions about it. You get both great ideas on how to modify the newsletter and what topics to focus on in future issues.

#2: Produce a Subscriber List

Send an email to your patients announcing the launch of the newsletter and ask for signups.  Add the url of the newsletter to your digital signature, website and social media (E.G. Business Facebook Page). Put a signup sheet on your website and blog.

Create a “freebie” such as a tip sheet, solutions to problems that your patients are struggling with, medical breakthroughs, the first chapter of your book or the most popular FAQs from your office. This would be given at the time your subscriber initially signs up.

#3: Attach social media icons to the digital newsletter (Ezine)

Ask people to click on the social media icons to share your Ezine with reader friends and family. Have images on the share buttons that represent the social media channel that the button is linked to.   If it is a hardcopy newsletter, ask readers to share the copy.

#4: Announce your Ezines in social media posts

Even though you have asked patients and current subscribers to share your newsletter subscription forms, announcing the signup of your Ezines online will attract prospective readers and thereby attracting prospective patients.  This also boosts your visibility and authority in your field of expertise.  Make sure that your social media posts are in places that your patients hang out on.  This may mean Facebook, Snapchat (for the 20-30 age group), Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Note: you don’t have to post on all the above places.  Figure out where your patients usually are and focus on one or two sites. LinkedIn is a site for professional interactions and is not generally a social network where you will find your patients.

#5:  Make entries on Forum Sites and in Chatrooms

Prospective patients are surfing forum sites and chatrooms to discuss health issues and to find solutions to problems or symptoms that they are experiencing.  Participation is a great way to get to those who are looking for health professionals like yourself.  They are demonstrating that they are looking for the information that you can provide.  (and by seeing what is typically asked in the forums, you have a handle on the topics that you can put in your newsletter.  Remember to use only the topics that are in sync with the services that you provide).

Offering a free newsletter to online readers of the forum sites is very appealing to increase your subscriber list.

Bonus Tip: Content

The more content you have, and the more captivating your subject titles are, the more readers you will get, driving greater traffic back to your website.

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