As a physician and healthcare provider, you must realize by now that if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist!  Patients are coming to your site to check you out and get a feel for your practice, before they ever make that first appointment.  So, in case you were asking, do I really need a website, the answer is YES and YES!!  Otherwise, you will be at a huge disadvantage and patients will just go elsewhere.


Your website is THE place for prospective patients  to learn more about you and your practice. It’s your  business card, brochure, and more — all wrapped up together. Plus, a website makes it easy for potential clients to contact you and make that first appointment.

A survey by found that 97% of clients say a provider’s website holds influence over their ultimate decision to use services from the provider. (That means nearly ALL of your prospective patients want to  see your website.)

Nowadays any ol’ website won’t cut it. You need a professional website that presents you as someone who takes your business seriously…

Present Yourself as a True Professional

My name is Barbara Hales, M.D. As a physician, growing my practice from the ground up, I have decades of experience in knowing what works for medical practices in marketing. Referring patients to your website where they can explore your content, effectively creates an aura or perception that you’re a true professional. It boosts your search engine ranking and establishes your credibility.

So, what’s holding you back? Over my years of working with health professionals,  I’ve identified 3 major obstacles getting in your way.

3 Website Obstacles

The good news is, these are easy to overcome.

#1: I’m not technical

No problem- you don’t need to be!

With the evolution of tools and applications in technology, it is now very easy to launch a website without being a pro in HTML coding. You can do it yourself!

There are many platforms that enable you to construct your website with everyday language.  The best example of this is WordPress although there are many platforms available.

#2 I don’t know what to write

This is a process but you answer questions posed to you by your patients all day long and many are repetitious. Ask yourself, what are the problems that your patients are struggling with and how do you solve them?  What are the services that you provide that can help them?  How can you be engaging? This is the effective content that you can provide.

You don’t have to have everything finished from the beginning.  Just take it one step at a time. As your website goes live, you can add new content consistently.

#3: I don’t know much about photography or how to shoot videos

With the improvement and sophistication of smartphone devices now, creating videos is easy.  Medical services lend themselves to creating interesting and engaging images and videos.  Shoot and explain medical equipment and devices that you have in your practice and that you use.  Tell patients why it is used, what they may experience and what would make them a candidate in addition to highlighting the benefits that they would receive.

Include headshots of employees from your facility and explain what their functions are so that when new patients come to your office, they will feel that they are already acquainted with and comfortable with your staff.

Creating a website is even easier when I walk you through it, step-by-step…in the “Content Copy Made Easy” course with easy to follow modules that you can do in your own pace. Or check out “Content Copy Made Easy” at


Contact to have it all done for you if you prefer!  You needn’t worry how you will go about creating effective copy if you don’t have the time or interest to do so! We do it all for you!  Start getting prospective clients this coming week!