You’ve just created and uploaded your content for health marketing. Imagine everyone clamoring for your information and having it go viral. Unfortunately there is a catch! Just because you have created and published your content, it doesn’t mean that it will get read, or even seen for that matter.  You believe that your content is needed and helpful to patients, but do they?

3 Mistakes

  1. No Clearly Defined Goals

“Our competitors are on Facebook, so we need to be, too” should not be the reason to spend time on it with your social media campaign, or twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Find out where your target market spends its time before you launch a campaign on a site. Create a focused, defined goal before creating and publishing content like how much you want to increase leads to your website over a specific period of time.  Make your goals measureable.

  1. Emphasizing the Wrong Metrics

Decide what data is most useful to you:

  • Rankings. In SEO (search engine optimization), spend time thinking of what keywords you need to rank for and which ones are meaningful to your practice, service that you provide and any products that you promote.  Unless you rank well for a term that is in sync with your services and that people search for, it is a waste of your resources. 
  • Traffic. If you are ideally getting traffic to your site, make sure that your website properly presents you and your services.  Does it wow the viewer?  Do they know what services you perform just by viewing your home page?  Can they easily navigate your site?  If your website is static or poorly designed, having more traffic to it will not be of benefit.  Instead, it might turn prospective clients/patients away.
  1. No Systematic Testing of Current or New Campaigns

You can determine if a campaign is effective only by checking out the campaign elements—keywords,content, offers, images,  etc. By doing no testing, there is no way to know if a campaign is a total failure or a big success.

Create new marketing ideas for your current content- podcasts, videos, tv shows, PPC. Budget for new marketing techniques and evaluate their results. Consider how it scores.  If you are doing all the above, you may need make a few minor changes for achieving your goals.


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