You know how healthcare venues are always looking for paid professional speakers?

Events, health fairs and seminars always have healthcare speakers on their schedule.

Why couldn’t it be you?

Think about it for a moment. You are seeing patients, all day long and conversing with them about their health. They are engaging in an information exchange but they want to hear what you have to say. Essentially you are already acting as a speaker in the area you specialize in.

Benefits of Becoming a Health Speaker

1) Content marketing

As a speaker, your focus is on educating the audience, entertaining them, informing them of the latest innovations or what’s newsworthy. All without being bland and boring! This is what content marketing is all about. Speaking enables you to have a built-in audience to spread your content and your message.

2) Additional revenue

Let’s face it. With bundling of rendered services and insurance schedules, most healthcare professionals are looking for an additional source of revenue. Well, this is it! Speaking can be quite a lucrative gig- all while spreading the same messages that you have been discussing in your practice, but just for a larger mainstream audience.

3) Increasing Visibility/Notoriety

By speaking before a crowd, you have access to many more people than you might have been in your practice. You increase visibility and your name becomes more well-known. This feeds into the perception of you being an authority in your field. Afterall, the event planners wouldn’t hire just anyone to speak; rather an authority in the topic for presentation

4) Builds your practice/ strengthens your brand

As a skilled health care speaker who presents compelling and captivating talks, you will be establishing connections and prospective clients will want to hear more from you. They will want to see you in your practice….or ask for an additional speaking engagement…all to your benefit.

5) Repurposes your Content

A video can be taken of you talking which can then be placed on your website and published to YouTube, thereby getting an even larger audience.

Testimonials can be obtained from interested audience members to be placed on your website.

Sections of your talk can be made into a series of YouTube videos or a set of CDs or even podcasts.

Parts of the talk or questions and answers can be the basis of blog posts or published articles.

A collection of the above can be amassed and compiled into an ebook.


     Don’t leave money on the table.

As a doctor, you ARE a healthcare speaker or medical speaker. Why not get recognized as one!

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